Please note that TGIF gift vouchers are redeemable OFFLINE only
1. Visit the restaurant mentioned in your Gift Voucher. Inform the cashier about the Gift Voucher before ordering food.
2. Order food & enjoy your meal!
3. Provide the Gift Voucher to the cashier at the time of billing & pay the remaining amount by card or cash if required.

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ said Shakespeare. Founded in 1965, and with headquarters in Dallas, Texas – TGI Fridays have been serving food and beverages, which taste nothing short of music to the gourmet and casual diners alike, in 870 restaurants worldwide. Any place with good food, beverages is good enough to be with friends on a Friday night; at TGI Fridays’ it’s always a Friday night. Important Instructions: 1. Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used Online. 2. Multiple Gift Vouchers CAN be used in one bill. 3. Gift Vouchers CAN be used during Happy Hours. 4. Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used for Meal Combos. 5. Gift Vouchers are ACCEPTED at all Listed Outlets.